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 Healthiest State Annual Walk

October 2, 2019

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What is the Healthiest State Annual Walk?

The Annual Walk is an opportunity for your school, workplace, community, organization or neighborhood walking club to join thousands of other Iowans statewide in walking for 30 minutes on October 2.  This is our ninth annual event and we hope you'll join us and be inspired to walk for 30 minutes not just on October 2, but every day! #GetYourWalkOn2019

How do I register a walk?

Step 1: Register! Registration is free and easy. Register early to increase your chances to win prizes!

Step 2: Organize! Your walk can be as simple or spectacular as you'd like it to be! Walk over your lunch break or in the evening time — whenever is most convenient for your group. You can track your individual walk participation in any way you choose, but you're not required to report total number of walkers to the Healthiest State Initiative.  

Step 3: Get the word out! Access free walk resources to help make your walk a success, including social media language and graphics, communication templates, posters and print-your-own stickers!

Why are we walking?

We are walking because it is good for our physical health. It increases our cardiovascular health and leads to stronger bones and improved balance. It's also great for our mental health. Exercise releases endorphins which have a positive effect on our mood. Walking can also help reduce stress and anxiety. Lastly, we walk together on October 2 to connect with other members of our communities and improve our social health. #WalkMoreConnectMore 

VIDEO: Influential Iowans explain the benefits of walking

It's a whole month of Healthiest State!

The Annual Walk serves as a kick-off to Healthiest State Month, happening throughout October, encouraging Iowans to “Live 5-2-1-0” and reminding them that “Healthy Choices Count!” Download Healthiest State Month toolkits (for communities, schools, child care centers, workplaces and health care clinics) to get started! 

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