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1 in 5 will have some kind of mental illness in their lifetime. 

It's OK to have a mental illness — many people do.
It's OK to talk about mental illness — talking makes people feel less alone.
It's OK to get help with mental illness — life can get better. 

What is Make It OK? 

Make It OK is community campaign to reduce stigma by starting conversations and increasing understanding about mental illness. 

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LEARN: Healthiest State Initiative seeks to educate about the stigma around mental illness and the damage it can do. By breaking down that stigma, people with mental illnesses will feel safe to talk about them and will find it easier to ask for help in finding treatment and resources. 

TALK: Healthiest State Initiative is starting the conversation by introducing the Make It OK campaign to Iowans. It is important that we talk about mental illness in ways that are supportive and open. 

SHARE: Through Make It OK we will provide Iowans with the resources to talk about mental illness so that we can all support those who are struggling to find the resources and treatment they deserve. 

Make It OK is here to help educate Iowans and get the conversations going. Start by learning what a mental illness really is. Then, find out what to say and not to say when someone opens up to you.  You can also help others by sharing your own story to help people know they aren’t alone.

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How to engage with Make It OK:

Do say Dont say

Learn more about mental illness and how to be supportive.

Tips: How to talk about mental illness

Facts: Common mental illnesses

Learn: How to help someone in crisis

Stop the Silence
Become an Ambassador

Are you passionate about reducing stigma in your community? Sign up to become an Ambassador.

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Are you looking to reduce stigma in your workplace or organization? Join us as a registered Make It OK site!

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We want to help spread the word about local events taking place across the state to reduce stigma. Register your event today or check out upcoming events!

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Request a Speaker

Presentations and Ambassador trainings are available to support community events working to reduce mental illness stigma.

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 Read first-hand stories from Iowans who want to share their personal stories of living with mental illness in an effort to reduce stigma for others.


Make It OK
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Promotional products are available for purchase to support promoting the Make It OK message in your community.

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COVID-19 Resources

 It's OK to not be OK right now. Here are some tools from us and our trusted statewide partners to help you cope.

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Mental Health Support & Crisis Lines

Support and service referrals is available through NAMI Iowa or by calling 2-1-1. Make It OK is a champion for everyone, but we know that more specific help might be needed:


If you or a loved one is considering suicide, know that 24/7 confidential help is always here.

Statewide Make It OK Iowa Sponsors: 

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The Make It OK campaign is made possible by HealthPartners, Inc.