Get Your Bib On

Get Your Bib On

Could improving your well-being really be just a dentist appointment away?

Studies have shown that adults who visit the dentist once a year are 37 percent more likely to report good or better dental health. And adults who report good dental health are almost twice as likely to report good or better overall well-being.

That means improving your well-being could be as easy as scheduling a dental checkup.

If you have dental insurance, preventive services, such as cleanings and exams, are often completely covered, so there's little or no out-of-pocket cost to you. Make sure to use your benefits – don't lose them!

When it comes to improving your well-being, it doesn't get much easier than picking up the phone.

So, Get Your Bib On, Iowans! Call your dentist and get back in the habit of regular dental appointments today.

Life Stages of Dental Health

Practicing good dental health habits are important at every life stage. Download our Life Stages of Dental Health flyers for advice to keep your smile healthy from age 18-65+.


Ages 18-34


Ages 35-64

65+ Newly Retired

Ages 65+: Newly Retired


Ages 65+: Independent & Assisted Living

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