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Your ZIP code could impact your health more than your genetic code.

The Healthy HometownSM program, POWERED BY Wellmark, is a way to make your hometown an even better place to live. Healthy Hometown aims to make the healthy choice, the easy choice, using evidence-based interventions and tools.

Every school has different health priorities, as well as people and budgets to put plans into action. Healthy Hometown can be customized easily for your school’s level of interest and commitment.

The Healthy Hometown model has two tracks that schools can follow to make improvements: eat well, move more and feel better. 

2 Ways. Your Work. Your Pace.

Do a self-assessment. The self-assessment tool is available online for schools. The assessment asks questions about policies in place at your school. Once the assessment is submitted, a report with ideas and suggestions to enhance the well-being of your staff and students is made available. 

Ask for help from experts. A school can receive free consultation to assist with prioritizing and implementing a plan to make healthy choices available and easy for staff and students to adopt.  

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