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Marty's story


Marty Parrish alternated between periods of wellness and depression over three decades.

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Carrie's story


Carrie Clogg has been fighting stigma her entire life — not for herself, but for her son.

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Dawn's story


Dawn Martinez Oropeza wants to remove barriers for Latinx youth in need of mental health resources.

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Karla's story


Karla Walsh struggled with anorexia nervosa — an eating disorder and mental illness.

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Kristin's story


Kristin Sauter still deals with anxiety, but has developed healthy coping habits.

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Krys' story


Therapy helped Krys Rankin have a greater understanding of her mental illness.

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Ann's story


Ann Flood might’ve sought help for her ADHD earlier in life if it wasn’t for the stigma. 

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Orlando's story


Orlando Fuentes wants to be known as an ally for those struggling with mental illness.

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Sarah's story


Sarah Noll Wilson, who suffers from panic disorder, wants others is to seek help if they need it.

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Claire's story


After learning how to manage her mental illness, Claire Richmond became more confident.

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Dan's story


After seeking professional help, Dan Hanrahan is now grateful for his mental health journey.

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Beth's story


After Beth Nyguard's husband took his own life, she wants to speak out about stigma.

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Danny's story


A traumatic childhood experience caused Danny Beyer to experience anxiety as an adult.

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Lauren's story


Lauren Matysik is open about her mental health struggles, hoping her story can help others.

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Lyndsey's story


After coming to terms with her mental illness, Lyndsey Fennelly has become a mental health advocate.

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Nina's story


Nina Richtman wants others to know that her sons, who suffer from PTSD, are trying their best.

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Wes' story


Getting help for his depression made Wes Mallgren feel like "that dark cloud vanished."

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Gina's story 


It took Gina Skinner-Thebo two decades to find the right coping mechanisms for her depression.

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Mary Nelle's story


Mary Nelle Trefz's support system helped her cope with postpartum depression.

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Franklin's story


Franklin Johnson grew up in the 1960s, when mental illness went largely undiagnosed.

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