Double Up Food Bucks Grocery Store Local Produce Procurement Reporting

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Double Up Food Bucks 2020 Local Produce Procurement Reporting Requirement:

Stores will source a minimum percentage of locally-grown produce each month between June 1 and November 30, 2020 when the Double Up Food Bucks program is in operation at participating stores. A product is considered locally-grown if its end-point purchase is within 250 miles from its origin, or within state boundaries.

Stores must provide documentation showing the locally-grown and overall produce purchased each month using the reporting and tracking templates provided by the Iowa Healthiest state Initiative.  Download Procurement Template HERE

Reports are due by the 8th of the month for the previous calendar month’s activity. Stores that do not meet the local produce reporting requirements will be subject to contractual review and may be deemed ineligible to continue involvement in Double Up Food Bucks.

Questions or Concerns?

Aryn McLaren, MPH
Double Up Food Bucks Coordinator
Iowa Healthiest State Initiative
301 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA. 50309
M: 303-669-2254