How it Works

Double Up Food Bucks is in a variety of locations. These short videos and guides will help you through your purchase.

Farmers Markets:

Bring your EBT card to the market! When you get there, find the information booth. This is the booth for ALL card payments: credit, debit, and SNAP. Tell the market staff how much you’d like to spend at the market with your EBT card.

They will swipe your card, and then give you SNAP tokens. These tokens can be spent on any eligible food item that isn’t hot and ready at the market.

Then, they will match the SNAP bucks $1 for $1 with Double Up Food Bucks, good for locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables. If you spend $5, you get $5. If you spend $10, you get $10! They will match up to $10 every time you visit!

Now that you have your bucks, go shop at the vendor booths!

New Pioneer Food Co-op Stores:

Bring your EBT card to a New Pioneer Food Co-op Store!

At the register for every $1 you spend on any fresh fruits and vegetables with your SNAP EBT card,  you will get $1 in Double Up Food Bucks. So if you spend $5 on fresh fruits and vegetables,  you will get $5 in Double Up Food Bucks that can be used to buy -grown produce! You can earn up to $10 in Double Up Food Bucks per day.