10 Weeks toward Better Health

Vote Wellness Healthy Entree

Looking for fun ways to stay fit, easy recipes to eat healthy, and encouragement to succeed?

Live Healthy Iowa offers this and more in the 10 Week Wellness Challenge that begins January 27, 2014.

Join two, three, or as many as 10 friends traveling on the road to wellness. Compete against other teams, other companies, or other towns by tracking activity minutes and weight loss. It's all part of the Live Healthy Iowa 10 Week Wellness Challenge.

The Corporate Challenge Participating companies will be divided into groups by size. Winners of each size division will be determined based on highest percentage of the eligible workforce starting and completing the Live Healthy Iowa — 10 Week Wellness Challenge. Traveling trophies will be presented to each Corporate Cup Challenge winner.

The Community Cup The Community Cup Challenge will pit cities, counties or regions against each other in a healthy competition. The winner of the Community Cup Challenge will be determined by the highest percentage of people who start and complete the adult challenge and who start the children's version of the challenge as compared to population data from the U.S. Census Bureau. The K-12 Cup Challenge will encourage students and staff to participate in the Live Healthy Iowa Kids and adults 10 Week Wellness Challenge. The winner will be determined by the highest percentage of adult and youth participants starting and completing the challenge, as compared to the school population.

All teams will receive access to online tracking tools, training and nutrition software, a one-year magazine subscription to a national lifestyle magazine and a Live Healthy training t-shirt.

More details about the competitions — including how to sign up — can be found on the
Live Healthy Iowa website.

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