Healthy for the Holidays
With so many things to get done during the holiday season, it may seem that even superhero willpower isn’t enough when it comes to sticking to your wellness goals. Making the healthy choice the easy choice is possible with a little planning and some strategic changes to your surroundings.

In the office: Slip a little health onto the table. Plan a department potluck with a salad theme, host a healthy snack potluck, or for the more adventurous, one that focuses on island fruits, such as pineapple, kiwi, guava and the exotic rambutan. Visit our Pinterest page for inspiration.

Your personal space: If you find yourself running short on time for fitness, squeeze it in where you can. Every little bit of movement adds up. Walk for a few minutes during lunch time; take the stairs rather than the elevator; or start the day off with a few morning push-ups

At home: Keep healthy food close at hand to reduce the urge to overindulge in the not-so-good-for-you foods. Replace a candy dish with a bowl of nuts or seasonal fruit, such as dates, figs, pomegranates or clementines. Holiday baking can have a healthy twist, too, with a few ingredient substitutions.

At the holiday table: For those big holiday meals with friends and family, dig out grandma’s china, which is typically about 10 inches in diameter. Choose only the foods you really want to eat, sampling fruits and veggies first. Using the 10-inch plate is an easy tool to keep portions satisfying without overdoing it.

We’ve pulled together a few other resources to keep the holidays happy and healthy:

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