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2021 Workplace Award Application

Thank you for applying for the 2021 Healthiest State Initiative Workplace Award. In order to apply for an award, you must also be a 5-2-1-0 Healthy Choices Count! Registered Workplace. Click here to become a registered site. Both documents will be reviewed during the award review process. If you are not a 5-2-1-0 Registered Site already, we would encourage you to start there and return to this application after you have completed that.

This application will ask you to elaborate on how wellness work is being implemented at your site, why you started doing this work and how your site is innovative. Additionally, it will also ask you to take a deeper dive into how you have implemented 5 of the 5-2-1-0 Healthy Choices Count! "Key Action Items." Please email with questions.

Information included in the application must apply to all employees mentioned in the number of employees. For example: Your company has multiple locations across the state, but really only your building is impacted by these wellness efforts, please specify the building and number of employees impacted.

1) Essay Question, please address the following (400 word limit):

Please tell us about the history of the work you are doing and your motivation behind it. Please include the following details: 

·       Demographic information about your workplace.

·       What motivated your workplace to create a healthy environment for your employees? 

·       How did you identify what strategies or priorities to focus on? 

·       If you have applied for a Healthiest State Award previously, please describe how your efforts have built upon or expanded the work you’ve done in the past. If this is not addressed here and in the action item descriptions (if applicable to the action items) you will not be considered for an award. 

2) Please select 1 "Key Action Item" from each of the following dropdown menus to elaborate on.    You will do this for 5 total action items over the course of the application. When describing how you have created change around the "Key Action Items" please keep in mind that points will be awarded based on how well supported and sustainable your efforts are.

3) Describe why you are proud of the work you are doing and why you should win the Healthiest State Initiative Award. (250 word limit)