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Mental Health Con

This Event was created by a non-profit organization, Fierce Good Causes. The purpose of this Con is to work together to create a new message about why funding and resources for mental health are vital, pro-life and a moral imperative. We hope to do this by sharing stories from true experiences of people who have dealt with mental disorder along with professionals -- not just psychiatrists, nurse practitioners or therapists but integrative practitioners, yoga teachers, meditation and other healing arts people, herbalist, etc. Both informative and entertaining panels. Impacting visuals and narratives of data and statistics. Our Con encourages people to express freedom through art forms of all types; it encourages support and new ideas. This Con will have nationally known authors and advocates in mental health, who will share their beliefs and statistics about mental health. This event shall be fun, creative and informative, involving all the community and surrounding communities t o join in and help support mental health advocacy, sharing alternative healing processes and support the idea that mental health needs more attention and resources. Presenters and attendees at the Con will collaborate on a message to local and national leaders that investment of resources in mental health will save lives and make our world better. We need to fight against the stigma that, if you struggle with mental health you are considered an outcast or not normal, in fact, we are really quite normal and more people struggle than you may know. It is important that our nation makes resources and information available.


9/27/2019 - 9/29/2019

5:00pm - 2:30pm

Library Square Downtown and Ft. Defiance State Park Shelter
15 N 7th St.
Estherville, IA


Amy H Peterson