WesleyLife Changes Lifestyles Naturally

posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WesleyLife is a not-for-profit organization who has transformed the aging experience for seniors by creating healthy living areas. WesleyLife has seven campuses called Communities for Healthy Living that encourage wellness, “We focus not on limitations, but on possibilities; not on lifespan, but on healthspan.” Although many people are aware that WesleyLife is committed to creating an environment of optimal health and wellbeing for their residents, they are surprised to hear that they put the same amount of effort into the wellness of their team members.


Their philosophy is grounded in a holistic approach, “It’s not just about running a marathon, instead we tune into ways that we can all move naturally so that it becomes part of our lifestyle.” Team members are actively encouraged to walk or bike to work, and safe areas are provided on campuses for bike storage. Walking meetings are encouraged whenever possible, and trails with mileage have been mapped out to allow team members to track their natural movement.

Furthermore, each campus is equipped with a fitness center open 24/7 that provides structured group fitness classes and challenges, “One of our most successful seasonal challenges was the Cy-Hawk competition with 231 team members participating with a grand total of 28,297 minutes of activity logged.” Annually WesleyLife hosts a Biggest Winner challenge for team members. They just wrapped up this 8-week challenge with 88 teams consisting of 290 team members. Collectively they celebrated a weight loss of 525.9 pounds and the winning team added 3,186 additional minutes of activity into their daily routine.

Eating wisely is highly encouraged throughout WesleyLife. All seven communities are recognized as Blue Zone Designated Worksites. Break rooms and team areas are stocked with portion control small plates, and healthy snack carts are made available to team members on a regular basis. Vending machines are color coded with healthy options using the NEMS concepts. Additionally, team members are offered a healthy, free meal once per week and fruit infused water is frequently available to encourage team members to drink more water.

One of the most positive aspects about WesleyLife is that they take a proactive approach to team member wellness. They utilize telephonic and face-to-face onsite health coaches. These coaches use motivational interviewing and SMART goals as a means to help drive health behavior changes. WesleyLife has also partnered with Quitline Iowa as a solution for team members that would like to engage in tobacco cessation.

Creating a culture geared toward health and wellness means connecting participants with opportunities and “anytime” access to wellness that comfortably fits into the team member’s lifestyle. WesleyLife has made it simple, easy and rewarding to choose healthier options on a continuous basis!