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posted on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

"Produce for Wellness" virtual workshop offered for central Iowa workplaces

With many employees still working from home and offices under new COVID-19 protocols, the workplace looks a little bit different these days. Traditional workplace wellness programming – such as on-site fitness classes, healthy snacks and health screenings – may be on hold, but that doesn't mean employers should stop encouraging their employees to live healthier lifestyles. 

CCF logoCapital City Fruit is offering a new virtual opportunity for employers in central Iowa called "Produce for Wellness," a lunch-and-learn style wellness training for employees.

"Produce for Wellness" provides knowledge on produce nutrition, storage and handling, fun facts and more in an interactive virtual training. The best part: Your employees will have the chance to create their own delicious recipe with produce provided by Capital City Fruit!

Each "Produce for Wellness" training includes:

  • 1-hour virtual training with Capital City Fruit team members
  • Access for up to 25 of your employees
  • Produce (delivered free of charge) to make a healthy recipe

The "Produce for Wellness" training is provided free of charge to the workplace. If you’re interested in learning more about scheduling a "Produce for Wellness" for your workplace, please fill out this form. To learn more about Capital City Fruit's fresh produce home delivery service, please visit their website

"Produce for Wellness"

Capital City Fruit recently held a "Produce for Wellness" training for employees of Aureon, located in West Des Moines. Here's how it worked: 


One day before the training, each participant received a box delivered by Capital City Fruit directly to their residence with all of the ingredients necessary to make Fruit-Infused Water: strawberries, lemons, cucumbers and basil. Plus, a special Capital City Fruit drink tumbler. 


During the Training

At start of the training, employees were encouraged to rinse their produce and gather the necessary equipment. Mike and Hannah from Capital City Fruit then guided the employees through a fun and educational presentation about how produce is sourced, the benefits of different fruits and vegetables and some "pro tips" for produce storage. Quizzes, polls and fun facts were sprinkled into the presentation to keep the presentation interactive and employees engaged. Did you know that scientifically a banana is a berry? 


Taste Test Time!

To end the training, employees were then guided through the creation of their Fruit-Infused Water by one of their colleagues. Employees were encouraged to share photos of their final products in the training chat – and many of them did:



Aureon employees had a great experience with the "Produce for Wellness" training and shared some of their testimonials:

"I was surprised at all I was able to learn. I didn’t know about not putting tomatoes in the fridge or how carefully bananas were harvested." – Kristin H.

"I enjoyed learning about Eat the Rainbow. I like to think I eat fairly healthy, but realized I was missing a few of the colors to really be balanced.  It was fun to learn from such knowledgeable people that you could tell truly enjoy what they do." – Melissa N.

Your workplace is next!

Interested in holding your own "Produce for Wellness" training with Capital City Fruit? Fill out this form. To learn more about ways to support your employee's wellness while they work from home, visit our Work From Home Wellness page.

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