Foodies In Training Increases Childhood Desires to Eat Healthy

posted on Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Des Moines Area Religious Council is doing amazing things in the Des Moines area to help combat hunger and support Des Moines’ citizens. One of their newer programs is a children’s nutritional education project called Foodies In Training aimed towards preschool-age children. The program teaches kids about a new fruit or vegetable in each class. Recent sessions have spent time talking about broccoli, strawberries and pineapple. Children are able to learn about nutrition, taste the food of the day, play games and read books about their new healthy food, and even bring home a prize.boy with spinach

Kristyn Arnold, a preschool teacher in the Des Moines area, runs the program. Kristyn and DMARC know that eating habits start when a child is young. “If we can train our kids to be healthier younger, they can start good habits for the future,” says Kristyn.

The program hopes to gain regular attendance and be able to make children and parents more aware of their food choices. By introducing new produce to children, they will have more of an awareness and desire to eat healthy.

children learning about broccoli

Many people don’t understand what is and isn’t good for them. Kristyn believes that it is important for society to do more to educate children and adults about what is nutritional to their bodies. “We as a society eat too much sugar,” she says. Kids are more willing eat healthy than most adults realize, and the Foodies In Training project by DMARC is a step in the right direction, leading children towards a healthy lifestyle.

To find out more about the program visit: or and stay tuned the next few weeks as we highlight other remarkable services and projects that DMARC offers!