By Make It OK-Iowa on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Make It OK posters to support your employees

Many Iowans are headed back to work for the first time in weeks or months. 


As Iowa begins to re-open following the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, employers have already started to phase employees physically back into the workplace whether that be an office, factory or restaurant. Some employees may be glad to return to work, while others could be feeling additional stress, fear and even anger.

It's important to recognize all range of employee emotions during this time. Make it OK - Iowa has developed a set of posters to help workplaces support their employees at this time. The posters feature coping tips as employees return to work post-COVID-19, including:

  • Find healthy coping activities: Healthy coping activities are important for your own mental health. Try deep breathing, meditation, exercise, establishing a routine and taking a break from the news or social media.
  • Lean on your support system: It is critical during this time to stay connected with your support system. There are ways to check-in with family, friends, co-workers with phone calls or video chat.
  • Seek professional resources: You may want to seek professional help. Ask your employer for information on EAP resources. If no EAP is available, visit for talk, chat or text options.

The posters are free to download, print and display in your workplace. The posters represent a variety of occupations – including office workers, the service industry, health care, education and manufacturing. The posters are available in Spanish and English.


English (Set of 13)

Spanish (Set of 13)




Learn more about how you can better support your employees' mental health at Access free resources, read stories from Iowans and sign-up to become a Make It OK Registered Workplace.