By Make It OK-Iowa on Monday, November 2, 2020

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2020 has been a challenging year. Due to the direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19, more Iowans than ever are struggling with anxiety, loneliness and grief. It is OK to not be OK right now.

Now, more than ever, if Iowans are struggling with their mental health – stigma should not be a barrier to seeking help.

This year for Giving Tuesday on December 1, the Healthiest State Initiative is focusing our fundraising efforts on Make It OK. Make It OK is a community campaign to reduce stigma by starting conversations and increasing understanding about mental illness so that, ultimately, more Iowans get connected with the resources they deserve.


Every $50 donation covers the costs for one Make It OK ambassador to be trainedWhen you donate to the Giving Tuesday campaign, your donation will go even further thanks to a match from Businessolver, up to $5,000! So your $50 donation will train not just one – but two! – Make It OK ambassadors!

These ambassadors then take what they’ve learned about mental illness and how to be supportive and spread the Make It OK message in their own communities. Our Giving Tuesday goal of $5,000 would train 100 more Iowans as Make It OK Ambassadors. (Plus another 100 ambassadors trained thanks to the Businessolver match!) 

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Our ambassadors are key partners in eliminating stigma in schools, workplaces and communities across Iowa. Since October 2019, the Healthiest State Initiative has trained more than 330 Make It OK Ambassadors ­through in-person and virtual trainings – but more are needed. Having a robust and diverse network of Make It OK Ambassadors in all corners of the state is vital to the mission of increasing understanding and awareness of mental illness.

“When it comes to stigma surrounding mental illnesses, the best place to break it down is in the context of trusted relationships. I can help build greater understanding and compassion in the circles where I already have influence. As the people I reach start changing their hearts and minds, then there can be an exponential impact as they continue to spread the message.”

– Katie Sandquist, Make It OK Ambassador in Shelby County 

As Katie mentioned – trust is an important factor in breaking down stigma. People from racial/ethnic minority groups are less likely to receive mental health care, due to greater stigma among minority populations, lack of diversity among mental health care providers and lack of culturally competent care. Make It OK Ambassadors in all of Iowa’s communities can help to increase understanding and serve as a connection point to local resources.

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This Giving Tuesday, your donation of $50 can help remove stigma as a barrier to mental health care. Your $50 will start conversations. Your $50 will increase understanding. Your $50 can help Make It OK.

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Make It OK is here to help educate Iowans and get the conversations going. Start by learning what a mental illness really is. Then, find out what to say and what not to say when someone opens up to you.  You can also help others by sharing your own story to help people know they aren’t alone.

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businessolverBusinessolver will match all donations to the Make It OK Giving Tuesday campaign through December 1, up to $5,000.