Spark your students' attention with quick bursts of movement

By Jami Haberl on Monday, April 9, 2018

These brain boosts will get them focused again

Are you noticing the glazed-over expression or tired yawns from the classroom? Take a break and get your students out of their chairs for quick brain boosts!

High Knee Run/March: Run or march in place, lifting your knees in front of you as high as you can.

Skate in Place: Pretend to ice skate in place as you hop side to side, bringing your heel behind you as high as you can. Swing your arms side to side. You can do this without hopping by stepping side to side.

Jump Rope: You can pretend to jump rope or use a real jump rope. Keep moving! Jumping rope builds endurance and is recommended for both children and adults. It can be done individually or in a group setting.

Hands to Knee: Extend your arms overhead. Lock your thumbs together. Lift one knee up as you pull your arms down to touch that knee. Arms go back overhead as that foot goes back down to the ground. Lift the other knee as you pull your arms down to touch the knee. Stand nice and tall to help your abdominal muscles get strong!

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