How to Navigate the Holiday Season Hustle with Quick & Easy Family Meals

By Paige Green, Hy-Vee Dietitian on Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Family Meal

The busy holiday season is upon us and between school, work and holiday parties, it can be hard to get the family back to the dinner table for a meal. Hy-Vee dietitians are always here to help with quick family meal solutions that will not break the bank!

Hy-Vee dietitians know that spending can add up during the holiday season, so budget-friendly, simple meal solutions are the name of the game! Here are a few of our favorite tips to get dinner on the table without breaking the bank: 

Use whole rotisserie chicken as a quick and ready protein to balance your plate. Pick the meat yourself to save valuable dollars and turn it into enchilada filling, put on top of salads to pack a nutritional punch or even bulk up your favorite soup or stew recipe with rotisserie chicken. 

Taco night can bring the whole family to the table; mash a can of Hy-Vee no-salt-added black beans with your ground meat to stretch this family favorite while adding in extra fiber.
Don’t be afraid to cook in batches and stock your freezer. Batch cook a few family favorite meals and freeze the rest to easily pull out and reheat leftovers when you need a quick dinner.

Just as you make holiday plans, consider adding meal planning to your holiday to-do list to take some stress off your plate during this busy season. Check out your Hy-Vee dietitian’s top 3 tips for success when it comes to meal planning and prep this time of year. 

  • Make a plan: Use a calendar to mark down dinner plans for the week. It’s a busy time of the year with holiday parties, shopping, holiday activities, etc., so planning in advance can help get your family around the table to enjoy a family meal. 
  • Make a list and check it twice: This will limit unwanted spending and food waste. Double check what’s already in your pantry to help avoid purchasing duplicate ingredients you already have on hand.
  • Prep-ahead time-savers: Carve out some time each week to prep those dinner components to ease family mealtimes, like peeling and chopping vegetables, precooking rice, beans or lentils and roasting vegetables.

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