By Delta Dental on Thursday, May 16, 2019

The final stretch to summer

The countdown is on: There are only a few weeks left until school is officially out for summer! The calendar is starting to fill up with summer activities and our minds are slowly drifting towards beach vacations and baseball games.


As we make the final stretch to summer, consider stretching your body as well.  Not only is stretching is great for your muscles, its benefits go beyond just improved flexibility. There are many other physical and mental benefits to stretching:

  • Calms your mind and relieves stress — When you experience stress, your muscles are usually tense. Focus on stretching those areas to find some release. When you take the time to focus and relax while stretching, it gives also your mind a mental break. Take some deep breaths and leave your mind at ease.
  • Increases flexibility and prevents injury — Regular stretching increases your flexibility which helps maintain strong mobility as our bodies age. Make time for a daily routine to improve your range of motion. Flexible muscles also reduces your risk for sports-related injuries or injuries from falls.
  • Increases blood flow and improves posture — Stretching regularly improves circulation which helps the blood flow to your muscles reducing soreness. Stretching regularly also improves posture over time. When our bodies are in an upright and tall position, it can brighten our mood and prevent neck, shoulder and back strain.

Stretching is so important for our bodies, especially during the countdown to summer. Don’t know what stretches to do? We’ve got you covered:

Let’s prepare for a healthy and happy summer! 

Blog content provided by Delta Dental of Iowa, a proud supporter of the Healthiest State Initiative and Get Your Bib On.