By Delta Dental on Monday, November 2, 2020

Screen-free activities for the holiday season

With all the time we spend looking at a screen, it’s important to give our eyes a break. If you are spending too much time looking at your screen, it can cause eye strain which can lead to blurred or double vision and chronic headaches. 


During the hectic holiday season, give yourself a little gift with these fun “screen-free” activities.

Put on a Talent Show

Gather members of your household and host a talent show from the comfort of your living room! Everyone has a talent whether it’s singing, dancing, telling a joke or even touching your tongue to your nose. Encourage everyone to participate, whether it’s performing (as a group or individual) or judging and give time to practice if necessary. 

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Play Turkey Tag

Grab some clothes pins and get ready for a fun game of Turkey Tag. Everyone will put a clothes pin somewhere reachable on their clothes. Once your clothes pin is removed by another player – you're out! The goal is to be the last person left with a clothes pin still on. After Turkey Tag, take your family on a Turkey Trot AKA a walk around a neighborhood park or local trail.

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Share your culinary creations

Smaller holiday gatherings this year may mean a lot of leftovers. That doesn't mean they have to go to waste. Safely place them in storage containers and deliver to neighbors' or friends' doorsteps. No leftovers? No problem. Whip up a special family dish, dessert or new creation and share them. After all, that's what the holidays are truly about!  

These activities are sure to be a hit with the whole family and give your eyes a break from the screens. The holiday season isn’t the only time you should unplug. It’s important to find times every day to take a break from your screen to avoid digital eye strain and long-term damage. If you’re curious of other ways to reduce eye strain, check out the Delta Dental of Iowa website for more useful tips!

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