Rethink Your Drink

By Delta Dental on Thursday, March 5, 2020

Help students choose water with free filling station

Our bodies are around 60% water. Not only is water essential for our body to function, water gives you the extra bonus of being great for your teeth and enamel. Water helps wash away bacteria that causes cavities — unlike sugary drinks.

That’s why it is important to choose water!

Live 5-2-1-0: Drink 0 sugary drinks per day

Our friends at Delta Dental of Iowa are on a mission to get more Iowa children to rethink their drinks and encourage them to drink more water. Drinking fluoridated water helps prevent cavities and keeps kids hydrated for better health and learning.  

Since 2017, the Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation has provided hundreds of schools in Iowa with water bottle filling stations. (See all of the grantees here.) If your school needs a water bottle filling station, visit the Delta Dental of Iowa website to apply. Applications close on March 31, 2020.

Rethink Your Drink: Apply for a free water bottle filling station

Selected schools will also receive reusable water bottles and toothbrushes for all students and staff. A Rethink Your Drink educational kit will also be provided to assist in educating your school on the importance of drinking water. 


A student from Lincoln Elementary in Spencer fills his Delta Dental water bottle from the new water bottle filling station funded by the Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation. (Photo credit: Spencer Daily Reporter)

Drinking plenty of water can help decrease weight, increase mood, help you feel healthy and increase productivity. However, it’s not always simple to encourage kids (and adults!) to choose water over soda, energy drinks or juice.

Find creative ways to drink water

Purchase reusable water bottles, fun straws and drinking gadgets to encourage kids to drink more water with each gulp. You could also try custom shaped ice cubes or water made especially for kids. For a full list of products to help encourage kids to drink water, click here.

Make it a competition

It’s always rewarding to see your progress on a chart. Use a water log (like this one) to keep track of how much water you drink. You could make this into a friendly competition and offer a reward for students who drink 8+ cups of water each day.

Give it some flavor

Water can be boring and dull, but it is easy to add some fruit (or even vegetables) for additional flavor. Not only does adding fruit give the water flavor, it also helps detox your body. If you want some fun fruit flavored water, check out these recipes.

"Rethink Your Drink" in Iowa schools

"Rethink Your Drink" educational kit materials, provided by Delta Dental of Iowa, are free for all Iowa schools to use. It includes a survey, parent letter, activities, demonstrations, posters and worksheets to help educate students on the importance of drinking water. 

Rethink Your Drink is supported by the Healthiest State Initiative, Iowa Department of Public Health Bureau of Nutrition and Health Promotion, Iowa Public Health Association, Iowa Department of Education, and In Depth Marketing.