By Delta Dental on Tuesday, December 15, 2020

This healthy habit could make a difference

Are you looking for an easy way to be healthier? One simple habit could make a huge difference – drinking more water!

waterWhether we realize it or not, water plays a huge role in our individual wellness. Drinking water is proven to increase energy levels and metabolic rates (burning of calories). By not meeting your daily recommended water intake of 8-16 cups, you could be setting yourself up for a "sluggish" year.

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Additionally, dehydration has more than just physical effects. In fact, studies show that dehydration among young men can raise anxiety and fatigue levels.

Water also has an array of benefits for your teeth. Tap water contains a natural fluoride that acts as a “natural cavity fighter." Contrary to sugary sodas and sports drinks that can attack your teeth’s enamel, water actually rids unwanted bacteria from your mouth.

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However, trying to drink enough water throughout your day can be difficult. With the following easy tips and tricks, you’ll meet that daily intake and be on your way to a healthier you:

  • Set a reminder – Put that phone to use and set an alert every hour to drink more water. If you’re more old-fashioned, sticky notes work great too. A simple reminder could be all you need!
  • Buy a water bottle – Fresh drinking water or drinking fountains are not always readily available. Eliminate this problem by carrying a water bottle with you.
  • Jazz it up – If you’re struggling to drink water due to the lack of flavor, add some! Squeeze in a lemon or lime for a fruit-infused drink or try these other ideas.
  • Find a partner – Having a partner to help meet your goal is a great way to hold yourselves accountable.
  • Eat – Believe it or not, some foods like watermelon and celery are over 90% water. Add these foods into your diet!

Ready to make this new year one to remember? Start fresh by drinking more water.

Blog content provided by Delta Dental of Iowa, a proud supporter of the Healthiest State Initiative and Get Your Bib On.