Healthiest State Month

By Delta Dental on Friday, October 1, 2021

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Healthy habits for whole body health

It’s Healthiest State Month and we invite you to join in on the fun Iowans are having by celebrating the 5-2-1-0 Healthy Choices Count! habits. Physical health is just one component of overall health which also includes dental, vision and emotional health.

Check out a few of these other healthy reminders to work towards a healthier you:

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Smile

Brush and floss twice a day to reduce plaque and bacteria build up. Maintaining dental hygiene helps to keep the mouth healthy and cavity free. Regular visits to the dentist for preventive cleanings ensures a healthy mouth and a healthy smile.

Tip: Drinking fluoridated water and eating fibrous foods helps to keep teeth, gums and the mouth clean!

CELEBRATE: Access Healthiest State Month Toolkits

Healthy Vision, Healthy Eyes

Eyes really are the window to the soul and it’s important to protect them whenever possible! Wearing sunglasses and blue light glasses are a good rule of thumb to help protect your eyes from harsh UV rays and blue light from screens. Even if you don’t wear glasses, it’s important to schedule an annual eye exam which can help detect vision problems prior to symptoms showing up and can even detect other health issues. 

Tip: Eat foods that are rich in vitamins and high in fatty acids to promote healthy vision and healthy eyes.

TIPS: How to step away from the screen

Healthy Mind, Healthy Thoughts

It’s important to take care of the mind. Take time to focus in on your thoughts and feelings. A simple meditation, taking 3 deep breaths or journaling are ways you can benefit your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Challenge: Connect more with others. Strengthen your connections by asking the people you care about to go for a walk, grab coffee or spend time doing something you both enjoy.

CONNECT: Play Connection BINGO and you could win!

Healthy Body, Healthy Movements

It’s important to move your body in some capacity throughout the day. Movement throughout the day gives you a new sense of energy, increases mood and is vital for your body’s overall health.

Challenge: Walk 30 minutes a day this month and ask a friend to join you in the challenge! 

Blog content provided by Delta Dental of Iowa, a proud supporter of the Healthiest State Initiative and Get Your Bib On.