plant a garden

By Delta Dental on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

How gardens contribute to overall health

Looking for a way you can plant the seed towards a happier and healthier lifestyle? Join us in celebrating Lawn and Garden Month (April) by planting a garden of your own!

gardenGardens are important because they provide a natural environment that take in carbon and release oxygen. Gardens also help the soil to filter water and provide fruits and vegetables with natural nutrients.

They will also provide ways for you and your family to experience hands on learning in a new way. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and share with others. You can even donate excess produce!

Try these 7 steps to get started on your gardening journey:

  1. Pick the seeds.
  2. Prepare the soil.
  3. Plant the seeds.
  4. Water well.
  5. Thin out the garden.
  6. Observe and clean up.
  7. Harvest and enjoy!

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Plant fruits and vegetables that can help your teeth and overall health:

  • Strawberries contain malic acids which provide a natural way of teeth whitening.
  • Carrots are fibrous which allows them to potentially “get rid of” plaque and other unwanted substances on your teeth.
  • Spinach has calcium and folic acids which help to build strong enamel and fight gum disease.
  • Raw onions contain thiosulfinates and other sulfur compounds that kill cavity-causing bacteria.

Just like a garden needs water to grow and be healthy, so do you! Not only does water benefit your body, it improves your tooth health. Learn about more benefits of drinking water and how you can create healthy habits to ensure you’re reaching your water goal each day.

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