572 Weeks of Fitness

posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

December 2019 update: To date, John has completed 723 consecutive weeks of exercise.

Workouts aided colon cancer surgery recovery

In 2013, we posted a story about an Iowan who had joined a fitness center in Cedar Rapids Iowa with a simple goal: To go as many times a week as possible for a month to get back in shape. His name is John Fields. To date, John has successfully completed 572 consecutive weeks of exercise. Not even missing a week as he underwent a surgery for colon cancer. 

Here is his update:

For the past 11 years John Fields has been working out every week (at least once without missing a week) at the YMCA in Cedar Rapids, this includes cardio, strength, Yoga and Pilates eJohn Fieldsxercises.

Last October when he was diagnosed with colon cancer his first thought was would this workout regimen help him recover faster. Surgery was on a Wednesday afternoon in mid November, it was a Laparoscopic surgery that was to take 3 hours. Last thing he remembered was being wheeled into the operating room then the next thing he remembered was being wheeled into his hospital room. There the nurse that was to helping him into bed said he would need to get up soon and try walking, John replied “let’s go” so off they went walking the hospital halls, less than two hours after a surgery! 

This was his first of many walkabouts he would take in the two days he spent in the hospital. His next goal was to get back to the gym as soon as possible so 4 days later on a Sunday morning John's wife drove him to the Y so he could keep his every week work out record intact. The following Tuesday at a visit to his oncologist he found out that the cancer was stage two and had penetrated the inner and outer wall of the colon but the lymph nodes biopsied were clear and he would not need any further treatment.

John doesn’t have any way of judging how well his recovery was compared to most his age but the surgeon and oncologist said that his physical conditioning had made a huge difference. John Fields demonstrates the importance of having a fitness program in one’s life especially as we get older. 572 weeks of fitness helped him recover from Colon Cancer surgery.

John's original story can be found here:  http://www.iowahealthieststate.com/blog/individuals/a-lifetime-of-fitness-begins-with-one-goal/