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3 indoor games to keep kids active

video gamesWant to play games indoors? Ditch the video games and tablets and try these three games instead.

These games provide a little friendly competition and are perfect to be played by the whole family. No need for special equipment, controllers or electronics! 


This game puts an active twist on the classic board game. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, both players will be moving!

What You'll Need: You'll need to print out two copies of the game page, two pencils/pens and two people to play the game. PRINT THE GAME PAGE HERE.

How To Play:

  • Set up the "ships" on the part of the game page that says "My Ships." All the parts of the ship have to be in a row either on top of each other or next to each other (not diagonally).
  • Don't let the other person see your board! You can hide it with a folder or some other barrier. 
  • Once you and your opponent have set up your ships, you will take turns choosing squares (example: A1, F5, J10) and your opponent will tell you if you have "hit" or "missed" their ship.
  • Keep track of your progress on the part of the paper that says "Opponent's Ships". Once you have found every part of a ship your opponent will tell you that it is "sunk."
  • Once the ship is sunk you have to complete the exercise that's associated with that ship before you can take your next turn.
  • The game ends when all of a player's ships are sunk by their opponent. 

LIVE 5-2-1-0: 1 hour of physical activity everyday


We all know the memory game. But instead of matching images, this game requires you to match activities – and then try them yourself!

What You'll Need: Memory cards, a scissors and at least two people to play the game. PRINT THE MEMORY CARDS HERE.

How To Play:

  • Cut out the memory cards. Remember to get permission from a parent!
  • Turn the cards over so you can't read them, mix them up and then spread them out with the writing still toward the ground.
  • You and your partner will then start the game by taking turns picking two squares to turn face up. If they match, leave them face up and you get to do the exercise on the squares. You earn 1 point! 
  • If they don't match, then you flip both squares back over and wait for the other players to take their turns.
  • The game ends when all squares are turned face up. The winner is the person with the most points. 

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Name Game

Work on your spelling and get a work out with this version of name game. Answer questions, spell out your answers (you can get help from an older sibling or parent) and then do the exercises associated with each letter. PRINT THIS SHEET for some questions to get you started and a list of letters and exercises. Keep the game going by thinking of more questions!


  • Question: What's your favorite healthy snack?
  • Answer:  A-P-P-L-E
  • Exercise: A = 7 squats, P = 10 sit-ups, P = 10 sit-ups, L = 15 jumping jacks, E = 7 squats

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