• Calcium Counts

    MAR 12, 2018

    Replace sugary drinks with milk. Best source of calcium – Growing up, your parents always told you to drink your milk to build strong bones. Turns out they were right. Calcium is a mineral found in some foods and drinks and it works with other vitamins and minerals to build strong bones and teeth for life.

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  • Breakfast is best.....seriously!

    FEB 12, 2018

    We know that eating in the morning jumpstarts our metabolism and helps to fuel our focus at work or school throughout the day. So, why is the whole family skipping this meal?

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  • A National Walking College Fellow Walks Past Cancer

    NOV 24, 2017

    Ann Mansfield of Decorah, Iowa was diagnosed in March with stage 2 breast cancer. She quickly began treatment that included surgery, chemotherapy, antibody infusions and radiation. But this nurse, healthy-community advocate and 2016 National Walking College fellow was not willing to take her treatment lying down. Rather, Mansfield has used walking as a means of getting through this physically and mentally grueling process.

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