5-2-1-0 Clinic Q&A

By Iowa Medical Society on Monday, March 4, 2019

Dr. Colette Lothe & Dr. Wendy Thiessen

McFarland Clinic in Marshalltown

Have you seen your patients positively impacted by 5-2-1-0? In what ways?

Dr. Colette Lothe: For me, this process was helpful in being more accountable about lab testing and investigating the possible effects of obesity/overweight. I have become much more consistent about checking labs, and though it is concerning to find many of my patients with abnormal lipid panels or fasting glucose levels, I do think that this helps some of my families to take this concern seriously. 

Dr. Wendy Thiessen: I have seen parents really engage with these ideas and plan to help their children with these goals.


What has been your biggest lesson learned with incorporating 5-2-1-0 Health Care in your practice? 

WT: Rarely do families get "all the answers right" and we have opportunity to help kids and parents choose one habit to improve or change that is specific and attainable. This helps the recommendations/advice to "stick."

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Is there a piece of 5-2-1-0 Health Care that has changed the way you administer a well-child visit?

WT: We have added the healthy habits questionnaire to each Well Child visit. This gives an easy way to address these habits and share information with families.

CL: I also think that the (questionnaire) is helpful in focusing on certain areas of concern for each patient and to do a better job educating about recommendations for diet, sleep, exercise, etc., not just for my obese/overweight patients, but for all of my patients. 

QUESTIONNAIRE: Ages 2-9 | Ages 10+ (also available in Spanish)

In what ways do you see your facility growing in the 5-2-1-0 Health Care efforts?

WT: I see us continuing to learn ways to inspire and educate our patients to be healthy for life through personal discussions, posters and education demonstrations i.e. the sugar in drinks display.

How has your clinic/staff been impacted by incorporating 5-2-1-0?

WT: It was good for us to do this as a team and present the message consistently within out practice.

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