4 Iowa Trails You Should Visit Next

By Kendrew Panyanouvong on Monday, July 10, 2017

Iowa is home to many beautiful and trails located across the state. With more than 2,000 miles of multiuse trails and 8,000 miles of hiking, the options for Iowans are limitless. Explore Iowa’s scenic backgrounds and take a walk run, hike or ride on some of these trails we highlight.

High Trestle Trail

High Trestle Trail: Madrid, Iowa

The High Trestle Trail, known for its euphoric light up bridge, is one of Central Iowa’s most popular trails that run 25 miles through five towns and four counties. Its iconic 1/2 mile, 13 story high bridge hovers over the Des Moines River Valley and is a popular biking attraction.

The making of the High Trestle Trail was constructed through the rails-to-trails project, an initiative led by the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation to convert discontinued railroads into community trails. According to the INHF, the trail bridge is one of the tallest in the world.

Duck Creek Parkway Trail

Duck Creek Parkway Trail: Quad Cities, Iowa

This family friendly trail is paved through three of the five Quad Cities, crossing many parks and trailheads running 13.5 miles parallel to Duck Creek and parklands. The trail is great for walking, running and/or biking and connects to schools, parks, residential neighborhoods and other network of trails in the Quad Cities area, including the Mississippi Riverfront Trail.

Washbun Trace Nature Trail

Wabash Trace Nature Trail: Council Bluffs, Iowa

This renowned nature trail traverses through the breathtaking Loess Hills of western Iowa and is recognized as one of the most famous nature trails in the country.

The Wabash Trace Nature Trail travels through scenic southwestern Iowa through prairies and farmlands, running for 63 miles. The trail attracts more than 50 percent of tourists from out of state, benefiting towns economically in the surrounding area. This trail serves as a great place to walk, run, hike or bike!

Pikes Peak State Park

Pikes Peak State Park: McGregor, Iowa

With the tallest bluffs in Iowa, Pikes Peak is popular among tourists and Iowans and a must visit for its scenic views and picture perfect scenes of the Mississippi River. The 11.56-mile trail system holds a cluster of trails that’s tailored for walkers, runners, bikers and hikers.

In addition, the park also offers large campgrounds with 77 campsites making the state park a great place to spend the weekend getting outdoors with friends or family.