Lohrville Aims to Make Walking a Social Activity

By Mitch Anderson on Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Since the beginning of June, the City of Lohrville has been holding a 30-minute walk every Monday for the entire summer.

Though numbers are small – anywhere from 10 to 24 members participate in the weekly walks – participation is expected to increase as awareness of the weekly walk grows.

“Members received a pedometer and have been logging their daily step count,” said Kris Kavanaugh, Lohrville City Clerk and coordinator of the walking group. “We also started counting fruit and vegetable intake.”

In June, the walking members turned in totals of about 2,600,000 steps. That number grew by nearly 60 percent in July when the group tallied around 4,200,000 steps. The number of fruits and vegetables also grew from 1,567 to 2,143 over the same time period. With a small group like Lohrville’s, the numbers are certainly impressive.

So what better way to step it up than to start a competition?

The Lohrville Walking Group began competing with a group from neighboring Lake City. The results have been back and forth, with Lake City taking the cake in June, followed Lohrville's ultimate triumph in July.

“It’s been a lot of fun getting together and having someone to walk with,” said Kavanaugh. “Though my main goal was to have something to get me off my butt and move, I think it helped bring some community members together and become acquainted with those who they usually wouldn’t have had the chance to.”

The group received bags of information and goodies from the Healthiest State Initiative and Hy-Vee stores, who also contributed by giving items throughout the summer as prizes and incentives.

Lohrville’s experience with a brand new, simple walking group should serve as a great reminder that social and physical well-being are easily combined and effectively efficient.