By Lauren Kollauf on Friday, February 21, 2020

Double Up Food Bucks has a big economic impact

Double Up Food Bucks has an economic ripple effect that starts with the consumer and spreads to the farmers who grew the food, the local economy and beyond.

Here's how:


Total value of Double Up Food Bucks redeemed to buy fresh fruits and vegetables in 2019.


Economic impact on Iowa communities who have a site participating in Double Up Food Bucks.


Farmers participate in the program with the potential to reach even more as grocery stores increase partnerships with local food growers. 


Potential economic increase for the state of Iowa as a result of investing in our local food system which preserves farmland, increases property values and builds community identity. — American Heart Association


Farmers who say they will participate in the Double Up Food Bucks  again because the program increases their sales and expands their customer base.

Double Up Food Bucks in Iowa has grown from six participating farmers markets in 2016 to more than 35 locations in 2019, including farmers markets, farm stands, food co-ops and grocery stores – and has the potential for further growth to reach all corners of the state.

Currently, the Double Up Food Bucks program in Iowa relies on federal funds with a matching mechanism that is secured through private funding and in-kind donations. Appropriation for the program through Iowa state general funds is vital to continually leverage federal dollars and ensure the sustainability of the program.

Investing in Double Up Food Bucks helps support local farmers, keeps food dollars in Iowa and allows people to have access to healthier food. It's a win-win-win for the Iowa economy.

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