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Make It OK-Iowa

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  • Make it OK: Anne's story

    Anne was diagnosed with Bipolar Type II, a mental illness with moods that cycle between depression and hypomania.

  • Make It OK: Mary & Larry's story

    Mary Neubauer and Larry Loss' son Sergei took his own life in 2017. Since then, they have been advocates for mental health.

  • Free posters: Support employees post COVID-19

    Make it OK - Iowa has developed a set of posters to help workplaces support their employees at this time.

  • Make It OK: Mary Nelle's story

    A combination of medication and aid from her support system, helped Mary Nelle Trefz manage her postpartum depression.

  • Make It OK: Franklin's story

    Franklin Johnson grew up in the 1960s, when mental illness went largely undiagnosed and untreated. Now 57, he is passionate about sharing his story.

  • Make it OK: Gina's story

    Gina Skinner-Thebo was diagnosed with depression at a young age but it took her two decades to find the right coping mechanisms.

  • Make It OK: Ann's story

    After years of struggle, Ann Flood finally got help for her ADHD in her adult years and took back control of her life.

  • Make it OK: Claire's story

    Claire Richmond's ultra-rare genetic disorder caused her to be depressed and anxious, just trying to anticipate the next interruption to her life.

  • Make It OK: Dan's story

    Dan Hanrahan continues to dive deep into understanding the intricacies of his own mental health.

  • Make it OK: Beth's story

    Beth's piece of advice for those who want to help: Open your ears. You might be able to help someone who is struggling.

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