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Frank Beard

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  • A journey from cardiac arrest to RAGBRAI

    After suffering from a cardiac arrest in 2013, Jeff Ness has embraced his “second chance” at life by reclaiming his health and even cycling across Iowa during this year's RAGBRAI.

  • How to eat healthy at gas stations

    Once considered the domain of roller dogs and doughnuts, gas stations today now offer a range of healthier options.

  • How Iowa's Convenience Retailers Help Customers Stay Healthy On-The-Go

    Not only is it possible to make healthy choices at gas stations and convenience stores, but they're an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to making America healthier.

  • How Diverse Partnerships Drive Measurable Results

    Shortly after finishing the “30 Days of Gas Station Food” experiment, I posted a photo of a convenience retailer's checkout area on Instagram. I was impressed since they offered a variety of healthful snacks, fresh fruit, and even a few options tailored for children.

  • Why Convenience Retailers can Help Make America Healthier

    Imagine trying to purchase healthful food, but discovering that few options are available. That's the daily reality for many Americans—and not just the millions who live in food deserts, lacking access to quality grocery stores.

  • Why I Spent 30 Days Eating at Gas Stations

    Guest blogger Frank Beard will share about eating at gas stations as part of a series on convenience stores. He'll share what the industry is currently doing, why the time is right for more partnerships with convenience retailers, and he'll teach you everything he knows about finding healthful food at gas stations.

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