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The Healthiest State Initiative aims to become the healthiest state in the nation by improving the physical, social and emotional well-being of Iowans. 


To improve the physical, social and emotional well-being of Iowans. 


To become the healthiest state in the nation. 


  • Creating awareness of challenge to make Iowa the healthiest state in the nation
  • Connecting the needs of Iowans with resources to achieve the goal
  • Improving the health of Iowans and the communities in which they live


  • Increase the number of Iowans living an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Increase Iowans' emotional well-being
  • Decrease the number of Iowans who use tobacco 

Organizational Structure 

The Healthiest State Initiative unveiled an updated organizational structure on November 1, 2016 with the goal to engage more Iowans in partnering with us in order to achieve our mission, vision and goals. 

Why the Initiative Matters

Fundamentally, improving well-being in Iowa would mean Iowans are living happier, healthier lives. It would also make Iowa a more attractive place to do business since improved well-being is linked with higher productivity, less absenteeism, higher retention, better engagement and lower healthcare costs.

Physical Well-being

Physical Well Being

Defined where one has a sense of vigor and vitality, feel very healthy and are full of energy. This is more than just the absence of disease, but includes lifestyle behavior choices to ensure health and avoid preventable disease and conditions.  

Chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease cost Iowans not only in medical treatment but also in the number of lives impacted. Chronic diseases are the leading killer in Iowa, claiming more than 18,000 Iowans a year. 

Social Well-Being

Social Well Being

Defined where one feels they have a sense of involvement with other people and with their community and receive quality support from family, friends and others.

Although Iowans report that they feel like their relationships are close, they don't feel like someone is encouraging them to be healthy. Having supportive relationships is one of the strongest predictors of well-being, having a notably positive effect.

Emotional Well-Being

Emotional Well Being

Defined where one is satisfied with his/her life, realizes his/her own potential, can cope with normal stress of life and can work productively.

Emotional health, substance use, and suicidal thoughts are influenced by both biological and environmental factors. Environmental factors such as stress, poverty, homelessness, and exposure to interpersonal and community violence are linked to increased rates of mental health and substance use problems.

  • Leadership

    The Healthiest State Initiative is supported by dedicated members of the community serving on the board of directors, as well as a team of dedicated and passionate staff.

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  • About

    Healthiest State Initiative is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization driven by the goal to make Iowa the healthiest state in the nation.

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  • Investors

    Our investors don't just invest in the Healthiest State Initiative, they fundamentally understand and support that improving the well-being in Iowa would mean Iowans living happier, healthier lives.

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